Custom Engineered Products

Tetrasolv manufactures large adsorbers up to 40’ long and 14’ in Diameter. Our large ISO series units can be used as vapor units or gravity liquid units built within a 40’ ocean container.

Tetrasolv can supply basic systems comprising of bags filters, multimedia filters with manifold valves and control panels. If interested, please contact us with your requirements for systems or the ISO series.

Our inventory includes:

  • Media filters, liquid and vapor
  • Bag filtration skids
  • Oil/water separators and DAF units
  • Pumps and tanks
  • Catalytic/thermal oxidizers
tetrasolv special products


Special High Pressure Project


This high pressure project was a 72” OD x 96” Scrubber for LNG.
It will operate at 625 PSIG and is designed to 800 PSIG and hydro tested at 1100 PSIG.

With 1-3/4” thick heads and shells it weighs in at 28,000 Lbs.
Vessel was Fully X-RAY and heat treated it will be used in Texas.
It also included several platforms.


Special Design Project


This vessel was recently completed in our new fabrication facility.
The 12’D elevated vessel was fabricated for a semi-conductor manufacturer.

Due to their strict water quality requirements the vessel was rubber lined and cured to eliminate any impurities.

special design project tetrasolv




Large international Treatment Project


This project consisted of (4) 40’ containers and (6) 20’ containers converted to gravity water treatment filters to treat 3000 gpm.

The location was a large mining project in NW Australia to remove hydrocarbons from their waste water.

large international treatment project tetrasolv