vapor phase services

Vapor Phase Service

Tetrasolv has performed a wide range of vapor phase services. Our services include vac out, removal and replacement of activated carbon, impregnated carbons, catalysts and zeolites. Tetrasolv can screen media and replace for onsite regenerable material. Tetrasolv attempts to reactivate/recycle all spent media including hazardous carbons.

water treatment plant

Liquid Phase Service

Tetrasolv liquid phase service ranges from small isolated unit up to large potable water facilities involving millions of pounds of filter media. Tetrasolv has the capabilities to vacuum or slurry the spent media from the filters for replacement. Filter medias include activated carbon, anthracite, greensand, garnet amongst others.

Vessel Exchanges

Vessel Exchanges

Tetrasolv rents vessels for vessel exchanges. A fresh unit is picked up and exchanged with the spent filter media unit. The spent unit is brought back to a service center where all the spent media is removed and disposed of properly. The exchanges minimizes the amount of work to be performed on the client’s site / facility.